Floris op canvas, dibond en poster door Montepulciano Art Agency

Floris is fascinated by the concept and notion of time. Vulnerability is a major theme and a recurring motive in all of his work. He creates a link between the old and new in both technique and object. He wishes to portray natural beauty. He works with highly fashion-conscious women and layers them with flower still lifes. His models are chosen carefully and although they comply with the dominant ideal of beauty that is achievable through make-up, fashion and plastic surgery, there are elements he deliberately leaves untouched. They therefore look perfect in the first blink but this can be deceiving. As slavish fashion victims, these women suffer from the compulsion to strive for the, partially self-imposed, ideal image. In the 17th-century flower-paintings you also come across very strange compositions, which are not possible in real life. These still lifes were created to arouse the viewer to enjoy every day -carpe diem- but they also offered consolation for the passing of time. Floris creates new arrangements that exists outside of time and season. He hopes that his works with elements of flowers, who doesn’t even bloom at the same moment, will spark the idea that beauty comes from within and we could see that different parts of ourselves blossom at different moments in time.

    1. Hestia

      124 Canvas, 60x80 cm kies zelf de maat & materiaal S M L XL