Antilope Canyon (USA) in al zijn glorie

Antilope Canyon (USA) in al zijn glorie van Jimmy van Drunen

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Antilope Canyon (USA) in al zijn glorie

van Jimmy van Drunen

Antilope Canyon (USA) in al zijn glorie van Jimmy van Drunen

Koop dit werk op canvas, aluminium dibond, (ingelijste) fotoprint, behang en print op doek, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit.

Werkcode: 714080
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Antilope Canyon (USA) in al zijn glorie met zijn felle kleuren op de wanden

Dit werk wordt aangeboden door Jimmy van Drunen

Jimmy van Drunen profielfotoI am an enthusiast, driven and passionate photographer. My passion for aviation began at a young age. It all started with visiting the local airbase, Gilze-Rijen (The Netherlands) and building plastic model airplane kits. After buying my first camera, a 4 megapixel Fujifilm camera, at the age of 15 my hobby really took off. I brought it to the airbase almost every day during the holidays to watch the military helicopters and other visiting aircraft, day in day out.

A passionate aviation photographer was born.

Besides my daily office job focus on my career as an aviation photographer. Over the years I’ve been expanding my gear to include multiple cameras and lenses for all kinds of photography. For aviation photography I primarily use my Canon 7D MKII body, Canon 100-400mm MKII and the Canon 24-105mm.

With over 14 years of aviation photography experience I’ve been to many air shows around Europe and visited all kinds of air bases around the world. Since the year 2014 I’ve been focusing on Air-to-Air photoshoots with both fixed wing and rotorcraft, civilian and military.

My photos are often used in national and international magazines and other kinds of prints such as: advertisements, wall prints, newspapers and many more.

Jimmy van Drunen

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