Burning Man 2016 - Art Installation Chrome Flowers

Burning Man 2016 - Art Installation Chrome Flowers van Jelle Krings

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Burning Man 2016 - Art Installation Chrome Flowers van Jelle Krings

Koop dit werk op canvas, aluminium, Xpozer, (ingelijste) fotoprint of behang, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit.

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Burning Man 2016 - Art Installation Chrome Flowers  van Jelle Krings

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This was one of my favorite art installations at Burning Man 2016, it actually felt like you were lying in a garden of eden, in the middle of the desert. Whenever you felt like you needed a rest, you just put your bike somewhere and chill out in, on, or around some art. Where else in the world can you find engagement and participation with amazing art structures like this? Get a piece of Burning Man in your own living room and order this print for above your couch, or anywhere you like. I promise you that whenever you look at it you will feel like you are there (again), at Burning Man.

Over Jelle Krings

Jelle Krings profielfotoPhotography is a lot of things but most of all it is a way to bring across a feeling. One photo can say more than a thousand words. It can move you deeply. It can make you smile, or make you cry. It can you tell a story, or keep you guessing. It can leave you speechless, or wanting to shout to someone. It can set you thinking, or just amaze you.By using the universal language of photography, I try to speak to my audience. Sometimes I just want to create a feeling. But my bigger goal is to inspire change. My way to do that is to create photographic stories. From the refugee camps in Myanmar, to the fears of Africa, to the homeless on our doorstep. By telling these stories though the powerful medium of photography I hope to inspire people to start their own mission.

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