Revive van Vincent Fennis

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Werkcode: 294141

Revive van Vincent Fennis

Koop dit werk op canvas, aluminium, Xpozer, (ingelijste) fotoprint of behang, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit.

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Revive van Vincent Fennis

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This picture was taken during the semi final assignment for the Canon Grand Prix 2017 contest in the Netherlands. Together with 3 other photographers (semi finalists) we all got the same assignment, explained by pro landscape photographer and guide @basmeelker It was kind of an 'open' assignment, since all of us were sharing the same location we were allowed to do what we (landscape photographers) normally do: "Just go out and shoot" so that is exactly what we did. Only in the end we had to pick and send in one (the best) photo of that particular evening. Besides this being a contest it was a really nice evening too, very nice environment, inspiring photographers, beautiful light and beautiful colors. I really enjoyed this experience! Hopefully this picture will make it to the finals... fingers crossed

Over Vincent Fennis

Vincent Fennis profielfotoI seriously started photography about 3 years ago, however I was always very interested in photography before but I didn’t really put in the time and work as I do today. If you have to put a label on my work I would say I am a travel/landscape photographer but I am also really into taking photos of architecture and minimalistic compositions. I did not get into photography only just to take photos, I really love the places/locations I visit and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I get to see over and over again. If I wouldn't be out taking photos I would most definitely miss a lot of these amazing moments/experiences.

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