The Wheel

The Wheel van John Berrevoets

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Werkcode: 133990

The Wheel van John Berrevoets

Koop dit werk op canvas, aluminium, Xpozer, (ingelijste) fotoprint of behang, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit.

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Bodie, California, USA

Over John Berrevoets

"Mathematically seen : the sum of youre shots is youre lifetime, no more and no less" Any camera will do.? John Berrevoets'John Berrevoets' vieuw on this world is sometimes described as 'edgy realism'. He sees and photographs very common everyday sights and people, but usally with an edge to them, visually or otherwise. Many of his aerial photographs are sights that the ordinary airline traveller doesn't get to see. Most of the pictures subjects however are very recognizable, though some may take a little while to grasp. Throughout the year, john travels the face of the earth. His travel takes him to most of the continents, it's inhabitants and often unusual sights.. John loves a great camera and a great lense, but as he puts it himself '....they are but mere tools, it's the minds eye that captures the image and a persons heart that will be moved by it....'.

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