The punisher

The punisher van Menelik Blanken

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Werkcode: 265519

The punisher van Menelik Blanken

Koop dit werk op canvas, aluminium, Xpozer, (ingelijste) fotoprint of behang, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit.

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Over Menelik Blanken

Hi, my name is Menelik Blanken. I'm a photographer based out of the Netherlands. I was always that kid holding a camera, looking and trying to capture the beauty around me. It was always awesome to see my family's reaction to the photo's I took and ever since than, I've been passionate about the art of photography. In 2013 I received my very first DSLR camera as an Christmas gift. It changed my live for good. Ever since I brought it with me, exploring the passion that drives my creative vision. I love traveling to places I've never been before. I love meeting new people. I love to see the beauty in all things around me and every opportunity to capture it through my lens. The ultimate goal for me, as an photographer, is to capture and create images that will last a lifetime. Inspiring people as I go.

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