blue & red

blue & red van Stino Photo

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Werkcode: 139540

blue & red van Stino Photo

Koop dit werk op canvas, aluminium, Xpozer, (ingelijste) fotoprint of behang, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit.

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blue & red van Stino Photo

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Over Stino Photo

Stino Photo profielfotoI am Stino, originating from Belgium and based as a freelance photographer in Holland since 2002.
I've been traveling a lot since then, working on a variety of photographic projects, many of those were in India, the country I've been visiting many times for longer periods.
Even though I started out as a photojournalist, the last few years my work has been moving even more towards an intuitive approach. The current selection in this gallery is a reflection of that.
Find my main site on and blog on

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