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Dorit Fuhg

Dresden, Duitsland

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27 werken van Dorit Fuhg. Laatste werk is toegevoegd op 28-11-2018.

Dorit Fuhg, born 1973 in Lauter/Germany, is a freelance fine art photographer and has shown her work at exhibitions in Brighton, Toronto and Dresden. Some of her photographs have been featured in international publications such the " Year Book".
After living in Switzerland, Norway and the UK for fourteen years, she returned to her home country Germany in November 2012. Over the years, Dorit developed her own style, that emphasises the beauty of nature and special moods, but also integrates surreal or documentary aspects. In her images she enjoys bringing out the personality and uniqueness of what she sees. The driving force behind her making pictures is her interest in anything naturally beautiful, recording moments and documenting her surroundings.
As Co-Founder of the Art-for-Cancer Group, Dorit helped build a network of artists, who donate part of their sales proceeds to cancer charities. The group consists of over three hundred members worldwide.
Dorit is a founding member of the "Forum for Contemporary Photography Dresden".

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Klantfoto: portrait of a highland cow van Dorit Fuhg Dorit Fuhg Beeldmaker Dresden, Duitsland,