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Bergen op Zoom, Nederland

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Actually, I do not make photographs, I negotiate. An environment or 'place' has no framing and I negotiate with a place if and how I may frame the place. My arguments are the beauty of the ordinary which can strike, surprise or alienate you. Expressively emptiness intrigues me and the question whether I try to capture something or that my photograph is a reaction to my surroundings.My work is mostly about w hat you do not see.I am a photographer since childhood. My father introduced me into the magical world of photography. We had a complete darkroom and so I did all my BW processing myself. Nowadays my complete workflow is digital. I am living in Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. After a career in the graphics world I switched 14 years ago to media education. I teach several courses in management and media, including photography. Besides my job as a teacher, I am a freelance photographer. Frank van Es Beeldmaker Website Bergen op Zoom, Nederland,