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Gerhard Nel

Den Haag, Nederland

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I love stories. Stories of love and life. Love shows and brings out beauty in people and lovers. It triggers me and makes me happy as an artist to capture that beauty. Sharing the beauty of love and life is my goal.

"Creating a library full of memories."

I was born and raised in the warmness and beauty of South Africa. The Rainbow Nation shaped the way I see life, live life and share life. The artist in me wants to share.
Being married to Ellen and we have 3 kids.
My search for real life and moments combined with an artistic and sensitive eye results in images that touches hearts and lives. It was a great privilege for me travelling to more than 50 countries and I love different cultures.
Destination Weddings brought me to Winter in Finland, Summer in South Africa, Pine Cliffs in Portugal (golf included), Mountains of Switzerland, a must see Castle in France, Folklore in Norway, Sicilian food and Italian hospitality and some other great places. Gerhard Nel Beeldmaker Den Haag, Nederland,