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Henk Kloosterhuis

BURGUM, Nederland

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3 werken van Henk Kloosterhuis. Laatste werk is toegevoegd op 21-12-2015.

Henk is a fulltime traveller and photojournalist In his Toyota Landcruiser he drove the last 5 years around the Himalaya, through Mongolia and Central Asia, in the mean time working on photoprojects for various (religious) organisations. He contributed with his photo?s to the Dominicus Reisgids Mongolië. For NIKON he gives workshops TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPY
https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/7130e8d6895a41f792725bf98e25fce4_175x175_crop.jpg Henk Kloosterhuis Beeldmaker www.henkkloosterhuis.nl BURGUM, Nederland,