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Jessy Willemse

Adelaide, Australië

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,, Our exposure to Nature via photography has generated a new level of awe and respect and a sense of responsibility to the Nature environment.
I take images in order to celebrate natural beauty and the trill to being close to wildlife.
We are all borne of this World from our Mother the Earth, that I admire and love, and trough my photography I try to share her exceptional beauty and diversity.
Everything natural, every flower, tree and animal, has important lessons to teach us, if we would only stop, look and listen..."
I live in South Australia, coming from the Netherlands. Most of my pictures are taken from South Australia.
https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/0f1f8a028cf53ac1ff6442c38a653936_175x175_crop.jpg Jessy Willemse Beeldmaker Adelaide, Australië,