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Marieke Broeke

Ankeveen, Nederland

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My name is Marieke Broeke, owner of STINNDESIGN, based in the Netherlands. After a study at the Amsterdam Management Fashion Institute, i've made my hobby into my job. For the past 23 years working as a (freelance) graphic and print designer with a great passion for textile and canvas design, for the fabrics wholesale, children's clothing, night wear, swimwear and lingerie. STINNDESIGN creates mainly canvas /textile dessins, all-overs, placement prints and surface designs for many purposes; fashion/apparel, interior textiles and products, lifestyle and stationary.
Also logos, drawings, designs, illustrations and photo edits can be created (no concepts). Don't have one fixed handwriting, but try to move me in various commercial target groups to work as widely as possible. My website gives you an impression of my work but also the possibility to buy commercial textile design series which can be combined, allowing you to use these designs for your commercial or personal projects. The studio also offers technical support; the prints can be adjusted into different color ways or can be converted in your own pantone colors. Marieke Broeke Beeldmaker STINNDESIGN Ankeveen, Nederland,