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~ Welcome to my gallery ~ My name is Pia Schneider, born and based in Germany in a little village near the City Trier. I'm happy to do what I feel called me ...and I love it! Passionate Freelance Artist, Graphic- and Textile Designer, Illustrator and Mediadesigner since 1999. Founder and owner of the studio "atelier COLOUR-VISION". Contact: atellier COLOUR-VISION, Fr. Pia Schneider, E-Mail: pia@co lour-vision.de . More infos you can find on my facebook page. ~ Please note: All original rights on this artworks are owned and protected by Pia Schneider | atelier COLOUR-VISION. Downloading or sharing is forbidden, also for private use.

https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/73dc235380a5382178387f2606fd7201_175x175_crop.jpg Pia Schneider Beeldmaker Facebook DIERSCHEID, Duitsland,