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Pim Leijen

Castricum, Nederland

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Pim started to develop interest for nature when he was ten years old, walking the dogs in the forest on holiday in Belgium with his dad. Every evening just before dark, they saw the deer. Knowing nothing about these animals the fascination started. He read every book he could find and later started photographing wildlife. Now, at the age of 42 he spends every moment he can in nature to capture the foxes, de er or birds.... What started out as just walking around, has now become a presizely planned project.

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Klantfoto: Hunting in the moonlight van Pim Leijen
https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/fc0c47a43bb525511b5c7912aff23ec9_175x175_crop.jpg Pim Leijen Beeldmaker Pim Leijen Fotografie Castricum, Nederland,