Lioness van Jordy Wedding

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Lioness van Jordy Wedding

Koop dit werk op canvas, aluminium, Xpozer, (ingelijste) fotoprint of behang, op maat geprint in Fine-Art kwaliteit.

Werkcode: 84107
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One of my favourite pieces.

Over Jordy Wedding

Jordy Wedding profielfotoNot going to bore you with the story of 'How I got where I am now.'

I love what I do and I do what I love; making cool designs for everything you can think of .
Skate decks, murals, canvas, festivals, logo's, even furniture.

Though lately my eye has been more focussed on illustration, which always has been a key throughout my whole career.

Love making things look good, the devil is in the details.
Photoshop has become my second nature, third nature would be Illustrator and fourth cooking...well, that's a bit personal.

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