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Kirsten Wagenaar profielfoto

Kirsten Wagenaar

Vleuten, Nederland

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3 werken van Kirsten Wagenaar. Laatste werk is toegevoegd op 1-2-2013.

The need to express myself has always been high. Whether it was talking, singing, writing, acting, drawing or painting. From an early age I've been involved in theater plays, musical groups and choirs. Beside that I've always been attracted to paper and it?s endless possibilities.

In high school my preferred program was drawing. My passion for the subject resulted in the highest grade of the courses I fo llowed. After high school I spend two years in Florence, Italy, where I took up drawing and painting lessons.

During my last years of study (psychology) I developed an interest in collage; an easy and fast way to give shape to the images in your mind. The quality, texture and form of the paper directly influence the work process and the work itself. No specific art schooling is necessary as long as you have a good set of eyes and a direct need to create. Whether done smoothly or roughly, results are immediate and strong.
https://thumbs.werkaandemuur.nl/936f6ed1ba86f9f1704ff5095706ba78_175x175_crop.jpg Kirsten Wagenaar Beeldmaker Kartworks Vleuten, Nederland,